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The Incredible Impact: Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors

Published by Mike Beltowsky

At Gateway Recovery Center, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADCs) play a critical role as part of the Comprehensive Care Team each guest receives. Working with hundreds of diverse individuals, LADCs offer personalized clinical care to meet the specific needs of each guest. This approach is critical for increasing the success rates and ensuring the positive outcomes for Gateway Recovery Center’s leading treatment.

Beginning with a Comprehensive Assessment, LADCs take the time to thoroughly evaluate an individual’s substance use, physical and mental health, social support, and other key factors that contribute to an individual’s overall wellbeing. This biological, psychological, and social assessment provides the necessary information that leads to developing a unique aftercare plan backed by professional guidance, specific recommendations, and coordinated aftercare.

In addition to Comprehensive Assessments, LADCs provide Individual Therapy and Daily Programming with an open-door policy, acknowledging the emotions that come with entering and continuing treatment. This often includes why a certain level of care is recommended, what to expect, and why ongoing treatment improves success rates. LADCs provide collaboration and complete collateral calls with involved parties to develop the trust and relationships that support successful outcomes.

The ability to impact each guest’s immediate and ongoing treatment plan is one of the most rewarding benefits of being an LADC in a detox setting, and the experts at Gateway Recovery Center excel at this. LADCs advocate for each guest and collaborate with other members of the Comprehensive Care Team to provide a care plan that addresses each individual’s unique needs.

To ensure LADCs are up-to-date with the latest research and best practices in addiction treatment, Gateway Detox provides ongoing training and professional development opportunities. This commitment to continuing education enables LADCs to provide effective and industry-leading treatment to each guest.

In addition to growth opportunities, Gateway Recovery Center offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance, paid time off, and retirement savings options. This commitment to employee well-being.

Being an LADC in a detox setting is a challenging and rewarding career path that demands a strong commitment to helping individuals. Gateway Recovery Center, as an industry-leading expert in treatment, providing a supportive and collaborative work environment that empowers LADCs to offer the highest quality of care while providing opportunities for professional growth and development. At Gateway Recovery Center, LADCs are leaders in the field.

Learn more about the role of a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) at Gateway Recovery Center and join our team as we expand with exciting career opportunities now and through growth!

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