Admissions Information

Admissions information for Gateway Recovery Center. We acknowledge the need for help now.

Our Admissions Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide admissions information and help start the process for quick admissions with a stress-free initial conversation and intake scheduling.

Our team works with a quick turnaround to eliminate any barriers to receiving help.

Call us at (833) DETOX-80 to speak with a LIVE Admissions Representative.

We’re experts so you don’t have to be… Let us guide you.

Insurance Verification

We accept most insurance plans. We will verify your insurance benefits and work to minimize the cost of treatment for partial, if not full coverage. Our team will assist in utilizing current funding, as well as options specific to Minnesota.

Gateway Recovery Center is In-Network with:

HealthPartners, Cigna, United HealthCare, Optum, Medica, UMR, Sanford Health Plan, Aetna First Health, HealthPartners Medicaid (HP PMAP), United HealthCare Medicaid (UHC PMAP), Medica Medicaid (Medica PMAP), BCBS Medicaid (Blue Plus), UCare, Hennepin Health, PrimeWest, South Country Health Allianceand more!

Out-of-Network coverage available for patients with PPO policies.

Direct Access and Rule 24 Applications completed on-site.

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    Patient Information

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    Insurance Information

    Initial Call

    During the initial call, your Admissions Representative will explain our services, answer any questions you have and assess your current condition. Our team will determine if Gateway Recovery Center can meet your medical needs and provide a quick turnaround for admission or a referral to a different level of care, if appropriate.

    Arriving On-Site

    When you arrive on-site, your Admissions Representative will conduct a brief medical history and a full biopsychosocial assessment. Once completed, you will be admitted to the detox.

    What to Bring

    Clothing: You should bring enough clean clothes to last a few days.

    Toiletries: We encourage you to bring toiletries that you are comfortable with. However, any products that contain alcohol or ethanol are strictly forbidden.

    Medications: If you are using any prescription medication, please advise us during the admissions process. All prescriptions must be in their original packaging with pharmacy labels intact. New, unopened over-the-counter medication is permitted, as well.

    Personal Effects: We want to make sure you feel at home, so you may bring items that make you feel more comfortable – things like family photos or your favorite blanket are more than welcome.

    Your Care Team

    Once admitted, you will meet your comprehensive care team. This team is specific to you and includes an Admissions Representative, Medical Staff, a Clinical Case Manager and a Continuing Care Coordinator.


    Your comprehensive care team will guide your stay at Gateway Recovery Center to provide a Full Medical Detoxification, Individual Clinical Case Management, Group/Individual Counseling, Peer Support Groups, In-House AA/NA Meetings, Continuing Care Coordination and any needs or goals that you have during your stay.


    Care is currently provided through private-pay, in-network and out-of-network insurance benefits.

    We are in-network with: HealthPartners, HealthPartners PMAP, Cigna, United HealthCare, UMR, Optum, Medica, Sanford Health Plan, Aetna First Health Network, UCare, BCBS PMAP, Hennepin Health, UHC PMAP, Medica PMAP, South Country Health Alliance, MA, Direct Access and provide care for those located in Dakota County and Washington County through country contracts.

    We also accept: BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna, PreferredOne and Humana.

    Our admissions team is available to verify benefits through any carrier before, during or after your stay to lower the cost of services provided.


    Our goal at Gateway Recovery Center is to provide a superior experience for detoxification/stabilization that offers a warm welcome in a time of need, guidance in a time of uncertainty, hope in a time of doubt and connection in a time of loneliness where guests recommend Gateway Recovery Center to family and friends, an impact is made and a life changing plan is provided.

    Patient Rights

    At Gateway Recovery Center, all patients have the right to:

    • Receive an individualized care plan and coordination, utilizing the latest clinical approaches and specific to needs.
    • Understand what to expect during their stay including admissions, treatment and discharge protocol.
    • Be treated with courtesy and respect, with appreciation of his or her individual dignity, and with protection of his or her need for privacy.
    • Refuse any treatment, except as otherwise provided by law.

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    At Gateway Recovery Center, we acknowledge the need for help now.
    Call us at (833) DETOX-80 to speak with a LIVE Admissions Representative.