Our Philosophy

At Gateway Recovery Center, we believe in pairing the latest medical and clinical approaches with an unmatched experience.

By providing experts at each step of the detoxification process, those seeking freedom from drug and alcohol abuse and those important in their lives receive an unmatched experience from start to finish.

We believe in recognizing the emotions that come with seeking help. We know that taking the first step can provoke anxiety and fear of the unknown. Our staff works with a soft touch to provide details through each step and allowing those considering services a full understanding of what to expect and what guests will receive during a stay at Gateway Recovery Center.

We believe in providing support after detox. Our team works with partners across the country and specifically in the state of Minnesota to coordinate next steps following a stay at Gateway Recovery Center. From coordinating a move to inpatient, PHP or outpatient treatment to continued support through therapy, psychiatry, sober living or a combination of options, we believe in providing a concierge approach to next steps and allowing our guests to focus on the detoxification process during their time with us.

We believe in an open door. Our Admissions Team works 24/7 to answer questions and complete a quick turnaround for detoxification services. Our Admissions Team works to provide easy admission for intake at Gateway Recovery Center and will provide options if for some reason, we are not a fit.

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